12th July 2017
To Nick, Thank you for everything during my exam. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so much.

12th July 2017
Thank you for all your patience and endurance, particularly with the technology of skype, which has contributed to Tom’s wonderful result. He’s so delighted! He has now ordered his next grade book 6 which is great because it means he continues to be interested and inspired. Have a wonderful summer vacation.

Hi Kelly,
My name’s Lewes Herriot and about 20 years ago you helped me on the road to playing guitar. My first ever experience of the instrument was having lessons with you in your conservatory in Northfield. Well, it ended up taking me around the world. I’ve spent the last 5 years in a band that has taken me to America, Canada, South Africa, Japan and all over Europe. I guess I just wanted to say ‘hi!’ and ‘thank you!’ for your help all those years ago. It played a huge part in giving me some wonderful lifelong memories of playing an instrument with friends. I hope you are well. Here is a link to one of our songs from our fifth and most recent album. 🙂 (i’m the long-haired guitarist who doesn’t sing)

 18th July 2016

Hi Nick and Kelly, Just dropping you a line to let you know Charlotte passed her Grade 5 exam with a Distinction. She was delighted with the result, and a personal thanks to you Nick for all the years teaching Charlotte, she really couldn’t have achieved this without your help, patience and great tuition. Credit to you both and thank you.
Louise and Adam.

19th April 2016
Ziekel misses the Monday sessions with you Nick. You gave him so many,many hours of enjoyment and it all meant so much to him for so long. You will be pleased to hear he continues to make progress with his music. Milly is making great progress with the bass guitar. She is the only one in her school who plays it so she is in great demand for all the school performances. She has to transpose all her own music – isn’t that clever ! I am very impressed.
Maura and Brian.

14th July 2015
To Nick & Kelly. Wishing you all the very best for your new adventure. Best wishes,
Ted, Kay & Natalie.

14th July 2015
To Nick. Thank you for teaching me for the last few years and for making my lessons so fun (and thank you Kelly for your fun interludes!) 🙂 Best wishes,
Natalie. 🙂

13th July 2015
To Nick & Kelly. Here’s a little note to say a big thank you for everything. I’ve had such a good time, I’ll really miss my therapy!! Lots of love, x
Jayne, Rednal. 

13th July 2013
To Nick. I have really enjoyed the past 6 years of piano with you. Thank you so much for all of your teaching and advice, I definitely wouldn’t have got through all my grades without your patience!
Charlotte, Alvechurch. 

13th July 2013
To Nick and Kelly. Thank you for your brilliant teaching and your patience. I have really enjoyed being your pupil.
George, Alvechurch.

13th July 2015
To Nicholas and Kelly. With fondest memories and our very best wishes. Love from all the Fitzpatricks and looking forward to meeting up again.
Brian and Maura.

13th July 2015
Hi Nick & Kelly. Thank you so much for all the years you have taught our kids to play piano and guitar! It has paid off! Lots of love, xx
Amanda, Lydia, Sue & Harry, Northfield.

7th July 2015
Oh brilliant thank you so much, really grateful for everything you guys have done for me.
Harry, Northfield.

22nd June 2015
I want you to know how grateful we are to you and Nick for all the years teaching our boys.
Sue, Northfield.

10th June 2015
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for me in the long time I have known you, I really appreciate it! Thank you Nick for making my piano lessons so enjoyable. I will always have the skill of playing the piano and it’s all down to you! Wish you lots of happiness for the future. xxx
Sanchia, Bournville. 

18th May 2015
“To Nick & Kelly, Thank you for your patience, skill & warmth of your home. Thank you for showing me how to play, without me actually having to do any homework, or show any evidence of ability! I will miss you very much. Love & best wishes, xx
Jayne & Marie, Rednal.

5th May 2015
You’ve been such a good teacher and I couldn’t have learned so much without you! I’ll miss our lessons but will hopefully have some one-off lessons in the 6 week holidays! You’re crazy! but it made everything so much more fun! I’ll keep in touch.
Georgia, Northfield.

25th April 2015
Nick, thank you so much. Ruby has really loved her time with you and is so much more confident because of your patience and teaching style. Warm wishes to you both.
Lisa & Ruby, Northfield.

9th April 2015
I am so grateful to how far Josh has come with…not only his musical ability but you have helped Josh with building up his self esteem. Thank you so much. xxx
Nicki, Bartley Green.

6th Jan 2015
Thank you so much, you are both very special to all our family. Wishing you all the best of luck & happiness. Much love always. xxx
Kirin & Ram, West Heath.

5th Jan 2015
Thank you so much for teaching us. We have enjoyed our lessons hugely. A happy and healthy new year to you both. X
Alex and Beth, Northfield.

4th December 2014
Hi guys
The pics are fine I rather like the cool dude second one! We are really proud of him too! Can I just take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and excellent teaching. Ewan has a real passion for learning to play his guitar which is now evolving into something special.
See you next week 🙂
Claire & Mark, Northfield.

28th November 2014
That’s wonderful news Nicholas x Thanks for everything you do for Tom x I suppose he’ll be chasing you for Grade 4 now! See you on Wednesday.
Pat, West Heath.

26th November 2014
Hi guys. Thank you both so much for all of your hard work and patience which has enabled Leah to gain confidence and pursue her love of all things musical. We are so proud of all her achievements and fabulous work accomplished each and every week. It would give us great pleasure if you were to use her images. Yours in admiration, Alison.x
Alison and Martin, Northfield.

25th November 2014
Well done Nick. It’s a credit to your teaching excellence and your patience. A big thanks from Amanda and I.
Stuart and Amanda, Northfield.

24th November 2014
Well done for getting your pupils through! You must be pleased. You are obviously good teachers!
Liz, Kings Norton.

6th November 2014
Dear Nick
Thank you for all your support and good humour with Ruby , she came home on Wednesday 5th November so excited . She seems to have turned a corner and is making real progress. Thanks for just being so lovely with her!
Have a good half term
Lisa & Phillip, Northfield.

15th September 2014
Hi Nick and Kelly. The photos are lovely – well done to both Georgia and Tom on their success. The next academic year will certainly be interesting, with its blend of traditional and technological lessons! I hope I can keep up …
Best wishes,
Pat, West Heath.

5th September 2014
Kelly and Nick, these photos are amazing! Thank you so much for all you do for Tom, he wouldn’t be the guitarist he is without you! My favourite is the last one xxx
Bernadette, West Heath.

1st September 2014
Congratulations for on such a successful career and now venturing into the use of technology to spread the delights of playing music, amazing!!
Barbara, Bromsgrove.

1st September 2014
Today I have been teaching private music tuition for the past twenty five years! Now Nick & I are teaching online to reach more people who would like to learn a musical instrument or music theory. For more information please view our website:http://www.privatemusictuition.co.uk/

3rd August 2014
Before the summer we ran a music competition open to our pupils, thanks to those who entered…Congratulations to Georgia and Tom as our two prizes winners. Both have won a music book. Well done! Below is our youtube link with the questions and answers!

8th April 2014
Thank you for all the wonderful lessons, we’ve learnt so much. Thank you!
Channon & Mollie, Lickey Hills.

26th March 2014
“Kelly many thanks for all of your support…we will be back for Silver!”
Bella, Alvechurch.

15th February 2014
“I would like to say a big thank you to you Nick for being so lovely with Ruby. She has really come on and loves having lessons now as she finds it fun as well as learning thank you!”
Lisa Baker, Birmingham.

10th September 2013
To the best music teacher EVER!!
Jeune, Woodgate Valley.

22nd July 2013
Thank you for teaching me this last year, you’ve been an awesome teacher. Thank you and looking forward to next time. 🙂
Harry, Northfield.

22nd July 2013
Thank you for everything you have done over the years, I really am grateful to have had such great music teachers. I will miss you sooo much. You are amazing really.
Ellee, Bournville.

14th November 2012
Thank you Kelly for helping me in the last few years to perfect a talent that will give me great joy and fun in the future. You have been welcoming, helpful, funny and have a been a great joy to learn from and you have made my DOE experience feel more enjoyable. I’ll always keep on rocking with you and Nick in mind. Thank you. Hope the future has a great tune for you.
Ethan & family, Alvechurch.

22nd September 2011
Thank you Kelly for being my amazing guitar teacher for the past two years. I have learnt so much with you and I can’t wait to continue playing in the future. Thank you also for being a lovely friend and I promise that I’ll come and visit often when I’m home, and I’ll keep you updated via text/Facebook/Ruth! Thank you again for everything.
Thank you also to Nick for his fabulous tomatoes!!
Sarah, Kings Norton.

21st March 2011
Thank you so much Kelly for your patience in teaching Jacob. He has enjoyed all that he’s learnt.
Louise & Patrick, West Heath.

12th August 2010
Kelly you are such a great teacher. You rock and you’re the best teacher ever!!
Ellie, West Heath.

24th July 2008
Thank you Kelly for being my piano teacher.
Kyra, West Heath.

22nd September 2007
Thank you Nick & Kelly for coming to my party, it was lovely to see you both!
Helen, Selly Oak.

8th September 2007
Thank you Kelly so much for all the support you have given me while learning guitar…we have had a real laugh about random things:) I have loved it apart from the exams:( Thanks again.
Helen, Selly Oak.

1st September 2007
Thank you Nick & Kelly for playing at our wedding. We lost count of the number of people who commented on how beautiful the music was & it was so nice to see you again as I remember the lessons I had with you as a child. We will highly recommend you!
Rachel & Geoff, Birmingham.

20th July 2006
Dear Nick & Kelly, I’ve really enjoyed my lessons over the past 5 or 6 years. I’ve learnt loads and I’m definitely going to continue playing flute and bass at university. Of course it’s been extra nice having your dog-child learn with me too!! Thanks for everything.
Rosin, Kings Norton.

26th May 2005
Dear Nick & Kelly, Thank you for giving Jack & Ellie such enjoyable lessons. Thank you both for your hard work teaching our children.
Sue, Pete, Jack & Ellie, West Heath.

14th December 2004
Merry Christmas Nick & Kelly! Hope that you are both keeping well. I graduated last June and I’m working as a Teaching Assistant at St Thomas Aquinas. I’m hoping to teach English in Japan next year! Take care.
Hannah, Lydiate Ash.

14th September 2004
I’d like to thank you for your kindness, patience and enthusiasm you’ve shown to all my children since we joined you quite a few years ago. Take care.
Alan & Sheila, West Heath.

15th July 2003
Thank you Kelly for all the support you have given to John. Best wishes.
Cathy & Terry, West Heath.

12th September 2002
Hi Kelly, Just a quick note to say a big THANK YOU! for helping me with my music lessons. Since I have been coming for lessons (last July 2001) I have progressed a lot and it’s because of you! So thank you!
GCSE RESULT – My performance was an A and my composition was an A. 🙂 I really appreciated your words of wisdom. Thanks again!
Vickki, Northfield.

16th July 2002
Thank you Kelly for the help towards my exam.
John, Northfield.

28th September 2001
I’m writing this letter from Cardiff University! I wasn’t able to fit my guitar in the car when I came to Cardiff last week so my parents are bringing it up for me in a few weeks – I’m going to go into Cardiff & buy some more Spanish music to see if I like it. My A levels went very well – I got 3 A’s so I was absolutely chuffed! See you soon.
Hannah, Lydiate Ash.

13th February 2001
Hi Kelly. Just to say thanks for the last 10 years of guitar lessons which have flown by! I’ve learnt loads, but more importantly, it has been great fun. I’m sure we’ll keep in touch. Thanks again.
Hannah, Lydiate Ash.

5th February 2001
You were so kind and thoughtful. Good luck.
Sabrina, Redditch.

22nd July 1999
Hi Kelly. Thank you for helping me with the music for my GCSE duet. Also congratulations on your marriage to Nick, sorry it’s late. I hope you have a long and happy future together. Thank you for everything you have done for me, you mean a lot to me.
Jemma, Bournville.

17th Dec 1998
Just a note to say hi Kelly & Merry Christmas at the same time! Hope all is well with you & your new home! I’m doing a degree in Genetics at Birmingham University and loving it. I’ve met lots of new people, some of which I’ve played the guitar to!!! Anyway have a wonderful Christmas & a great New Year!
Michelle & family, Northfield.

9th March 1998
Michelle has been with you since she was ten years old and it has been a positive experience for her. I am very grateful that she has had someone like you as one of her role models while she has been maturing into adulthood. Thank you for all your efforts on her behalf. Michelle would like to have one more lesson with you to say goodbye before she leaves for university. Many thanks again.
Janet, Northfield.

5th October 1997
Dear Nick and Kelly, Congratulations on your first album! May it be the first of many, God willing. I’ve listened to the album only once but already I’ve been very impressed by the diversity of musical styles that appear. Thanks also for the wonderful tape of ‘Gypsy Spirit’ as well as the chords Nick sent me. The quality of recording is particularly good and I admire the choice of pieces.
God bless and lots of love,
Roger, Nikki and family. Quendra Baptiste, Tirana, Albania.

4th October 1997
The concert was lovely, it was nice to meet Nick also your parents. You and Nick are very talented, I have nearly worn the tape out, it is beautiful. I would like to see another concert when you do another one.
Maureen, Worcester.

15th August 1997
Dear Kelly. Thought we should let you know Edward got a B for music in his GCSE – Thanks again for all your hard work!
Vicky, Alan & Edward, Northfield.

15th July 1997
I have enjoyed learning to play the guitar ans I would like to THANK YOU very much for helping me achieve Grade One with Honors!  I would like to improve my guitar playing in the future. Once again thank you fo all your patience and help. Wishing you all the very best. Take care and see you soon!
Sian, Northfield.

21st April 1997
We would like to thank you Kelly for teaching Edward. We are delighted with his progress and would like to thank you for all your hard work. With very best wishes.
Alan, Northfield.

8th December 1996
Thanks so much for everything you’re a brill friend as well as a brill teacher! I hope you & Nick have a great Christmas.
Michelle, Northfield.

21st August 1995
Dear Kelly, “THANK YOU” for all your support & help through my exams and for your guidence in my music GCSE. I got an A! I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you again. U R THE BEST!!!
Anna, Northfield.

21st July 1994
To Kelly, Thank you for your help, advise and friendship over the past 6 years. I have enjoyed my music lessons with you and am grateful for everything you have taught me. Many thanks. 🙂
Rachel, Kings Norton.

18th July 1993
Thanks Kelly for your dedication in teaching Richard.
Richard & Jane, Northfield.

25th June 1993
Dear Kelly, (the best teacher in the world!) Many thanks for the support you’ve given me during my exams. You are brilliant! Thanks again.
Anna, Northfield.

6th April 1993
Dear Kelly you have been a wonderful guitar teacher. Happy Easter.
Fiona, Northfield.

15th September 1992
Thank you Kelly for doing my duet with me today, really appreciated.
Nicole, West Heath.

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