Online Lessons for Guitar

When choosing online lessons for guitar there are basically two choices:

  • Signing-up to a guitar website full of teaching videos such as Jamplay that cater for all levels and most styles of playing
  • Or choose a private guitar teacher on Skype who will teach you the style of music you are interested in learning plus give tuition on technique that is especially suited to you.

A website such as Jamplay has many advantagesOnline Lessons for Guitar

You can learn from a lot of different teachers at the same time because there are several vidoes relevant to each step of the learning process.

The advantage of have lessons from different teachers is that you can learn the same thing from different angles which can be very helpful.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or advanced student because they have all levels covered!

With hundreds of videos available it is most likely that they will have exactly what you are looking for – be it shredding or tapping or sweep picking for rock guitar or fingerpicking for folk guitar – so name just two styles.

Private Lessons On Skype

Where private lessons on Skype are superior is when beginners need some specific help with their technique or an exam candidate needs help with their performance pieces.

It is almost impossible to improve certain aspects of guitar playing without an experienced player taking a look and listen to how we play, then making some suggestions about how you may improve.

Sometimes it takes just one suggestion from a private teacher to make a huge breakthrough.

For example, the way we hold the guitar and the position of our hands and fingers can make a big difference to our speed and accuracy.

Also a private one to one guitar teacher on Skype can boost our confidence and reassure that we are doing it right!

To Sum Up

When considering online lessons for guitar depends on your needs –  whether you choose a website such as Jamplay or a private guitar teacher on skype.

If you haven’t any specific in mind and you just want to learn a few more techniques and riffs, probably Jamplay would be a better option.

The cost of skype lessons on a regular basis will be more expensive but if the teacher is very good, it will be the best investment
See Skype guitar lessons for beginners to advanced students.