Learning the bass guitar can be taught in a number of ways to suit you.

PMT Bass ClefWe can teach you the bass either by:

  • Tableture
  • Notation from the bass clef
  • Memory of songs

The bass guitar has four strings and plays individual notes so it may be suited to those who struggle with six string guitar chords. The bass guitar needs an amp and a lead which can be costly so it may be best to buy a second hand bass guitar first which you can always trade in and upgrade to a new bass as you become more advanced.

A small practice amp is all that’s required for home use as you learn to get more experienced in playing. A larger amp is mainly used when you intend to play with a band.

Learn Bass Guitar
Hofner Violin Bass

The bass is relatively easy to learn so you will soon be able to play along to the songs from your favourite bands and artists.

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Last updated 01/06/2020