Guitar Lessons for Mature Adults

Guitar Lessons for Mature AdultsHi, My name is Nick, I’ve been teaching guitar for over 40 years and these days I specialise mainly in guitar lessons for mature adults.

The Learning Process

Learning to play the guitar at 40, 50, 60 or even older has different challenges than when we were learning as teenagers or young adults.

For example, most young people are used to studying and learning new things and are either presently studying are haven’t long left full time education.

Guitar Lessons for Mature Adults

For the mature student who hasn’t studied for years, learning a new skill can be more difficult, especially at the beginning. However, with a little regular practice, you’ll find that it is not difficult to learn the guitar as a mature adult – especially if the lessons are presented in a way that is right for you.


Young people are contantly told how good they are – especially the very young – which builds their confidence.

Older adults learning guitar or any new skill for that matter, are often under-confident and sometimes told “not to give up their day job” and other comments that tend to undermine their confidence rather than increase it.

Taking It Steady

One of the biggest mistakes beginners of all ages make is to run before they can walk. In other words, try to learn too quickly and take on too much material before they have properly absorbed and learnt what they are working on at present.

It is only natural to want to improve as fast as possible, but to make solid progress, learning a little at a time and making steady, regular practice always produces the best results.

A Practice Routine

Making a daily practice schedule and sticking to it (most of the time) is essential. You don’t have to practise for long periods of time – even 15 minutes a day will produce good results, but it has to be regular.

Mental and Physical Sides of Learning

Learning to play a musical instrument requires both mental and physical demands.
Having a good memory and a natural sense of rhythm is very useful but you also need to develop muscle memory. This is when the muscles in your fingers remember shapes and the way chords feel.

Imagine learning to drive with just the Highway Code and no car – not possible is it!

The same is true when learning to play guitar, a book or a teacher is great but you also need a guitar and lots of practice so that your fingers do what you want them to do without having to think too hard!

Is There an Age Limit When Learning Guitar?

There is no age limit for learning a musical instrument from scratch. Physical limitation such as arthrightus may limit finger movement but even then, it should be possible – if the problem is not to bad, to learn and play a few chords.

How Many Chords Do I Need?

It has long been a standing joke that if you can play three chords, you can play every song Status Quo ever wrote!
This of course is not true but it does indicate that you can play a lot of songs – thousands actually – with just three chords.

The best way to learn the guitar from scratch and to make good steady progress is by learning three chords, a few easy songs and get playing!

Guitar Lessons For Beginner Adults On Skype

If you are an adult beginner and would like guitar lessons from a teacher who is used to teaching mature beginners, I give lessons on Skype and would be delighted to hear from you and give you more details.Please email me at: and I’ll get back to you with more details.

You will be surprised at how much progress can be made with the right practice methods that suit you and the right teacher!

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