You’re Never Too Old To Learn!

There are two well known sayings.

‘You’re Never Too Old To Learn’ and ‘You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks’.

Notice that the first comment is a positive one while the second is a negative one.

When people are positive they learn more as they embrace the need to try new things. This in turn promotes new healthy brain activity and stimulation in exercising the fingers which can help those with arthritis. It also makes you feel happier as you engage with a social side to learning too. 🙂

The negative saying can lead to being dogmatic in a person’s views and although the person may have the ability, they refuse to adapt to trying new things even though the person could. This then limits and hinders that person’s ability to want to learn more, leading to an unhappy set of emotions. 🙁

We at understand that trying something new can be daunting for someone of any age, let alone someone of maturing years.

We currently have a few mature students (retired age group) who have been having music lessons with us for a number of years now, and all have said how enjoyable and informative the lessons are.

We would like to give those students a pat on the back and a gold star for taking the courage to make that leap of faith in the first place by learning a new instrument. Many of which had never had the chance to learn while they were at school. Well done to John (get well soon John!), David, Maura and Elizabeth.

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