What Makes A Good Teacher?

How To Find A Good Teacher.

It’s important to find a good teacher when you want to learn something new, or to improve your skill by taking it to the next level.

Most teachers these days have their qualifications and are CRB checked, but what makes them a GOOD teacher?

A teacher is there to teach you the subject they are qualified in, and to pass on their knowledge to you. If they are a school teacher (in school) they have a set amount of targets to stick to, so those who may learn at a slower pace may feel rushed during their school lessons, so the pupil can feel frustrated and sadly, eventually they give up listening and learning.


  • A GOOD teacher isn’t just someone who is qualified to teach their subject matter and who are CRB checked.
  • A GOOD teacher is someone who can motivate you, keep you inspired, teach you in a fun and engaging way.
  • A GOOD teacher is someone who makes you think about your chosen subject. They can help you to overcome problems that may arise and bring a solution to those problems to bring out the best in you.
  • A GOOD teacher will take the time to explain your course work and will encourage you no end – even to the point of running overtime!
  • Finally, a GOOD teacher can become a true friend for life as you grow older, look back and think, ‘I had a GOOD teacher!’

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