To Learn With Or Without A Music Teacher?

Many people teach themselves, however we highly recommend having a music teacher as this will ensure you develop a good technique and progress faster.

Many people go to youtube videos to help them learn a particular song. However videos alone will not correct mistakes and bad habits as the youtube player cannot see how YOU are playing. That’s why Private Music Tuition on a one to one basis will ensure that no bad habits will develop and years of frustration at never being able to conquer a particular riff, phrase or couple of tricky bars!

We can teach you your songs and break them down in sections for you to learn at your own pace steadily and securely. We can show you where your mistakes are and guide you around them to make you a better player and to achieve your goal.

We teach online acoustic and electric guitar (all styles), bass guitar, flute and music theory allowing you to be taught in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Tip: Get ahead of your music schoolwork!
If you want motivation and inspiration we’re right here! 🙂

PMT School of Rock

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