If There’s Snow, On Skype You Go!

Please remember if the weather is really bad it is quite dangerous driving on the ice or snow. The potential cost of slipping and sliding on foot or by car can be quite serious.

Obviously we don’t want pupils to cancel as that affects our business and we’d have to live on baked beans and toast for a while! Joking apart, teaching online with Skype has been so beneficial as now we can provide a safe way to continue your music tuition during the winter months.

Now with Skype teaching we can work out pupils’ songs from youtube videos on the internet. This is ideal for a pupil who may request a song that has not been on general release but may be from a film soundtrack or their own Christian Church worship group.

Lesson prices are the same as what you already pay now and it’s quick and easy to pay online too.

Lessons available Monday – Wednesday.

30 minutes of one to one tuition.

Just text us to book, pay and have your lesson underway!

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