Switch Your Gran To Skype!

Martin Lewis as the ‘Money Saving Expert’ has talked a lot about persuading family and friends to ‘switch your gran’. This was regarding energy prices so the older generation can benefit from cheaper costs which can usually only be obtained by searching online. Well we have a Granny who regularly brings her grandson to his music lessons. Under her own steam and fascination with our online teaching, she managed to install Skype. After a few Skype test calls to us she managed get it up and running! Well done Pat! We’re now calling you a ‘Groovy Gran!’ She could show the youngsters a thing or two!

  • Now with Skype teaching we can work out pupils’ songs from youtube videos on the internet. This is ideal for a pupil who may request a song that has not been on general release but may be from a film soundtrack or their own Christian Church worship group.

Our aim is to bring our teaching to a wider public and to include new pupils who live further afield. This online tuition will also helps when bad weather strikes too!

Your tuition can be as frequently as you want it to be – once or twice a week or once a fortnight or just when you feel you would like to learn a new song – all in the comfort of your own home.

Lessons available Monday – Wednesday.

30 minutes of one to one tuition.

Just email or text us with your requirements.

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