Private Music Tuition Weekly Quiz

1, Who recorded Hound Dog? (!The Beatles) (Elvis)

2, How many sharps in the key of G major? (one) (!two) (!three)

3, Which is the odd one out? (!nut) (!bridge) (!saddle) (donkey)

4, Which band recorded Stairway To Heaven? (Led Zeppelin) (!Pink Floyd) (!Lynard Skynard) (!The Darkness) (!S Club 7)

5, What is the other name for a tremelo arm? (!wobble handle) (whammy bar) (!machine arm)

6, In which decade did Elvis become famous? (!1940) (1950) (!1960) (!1970)

7, How many notes on a standard piano? (!108) (88) (!98)

8, From which part of the UK do the Stereophonics come from?
(!Scotland) (Wales) (!England)

9, What colour are the Chilli Peppers? (red) (!green)

10, Which small instrument did George Harisson enjoy playing? (!Tamborine) (!Kazoo) (Ukulele)

Green = correct answer, Red = wrong answer.