Nick & KellyNewsletter Number 1
25th March 2014

Welcome to our first ever online newsletter!

This new format will enable us to keep in contact with our pupils and keep parents updated too!

As many of you know we have been experimenting with Skype tests during the February half term – the results of which were very successful. Our aim is to bring our teaching to a wider public via the internet. This will also be helpful during bad weather, lack of transportation or no parent or guardian around to travel with the pupils to our house etc.

We did a Skype test with five families who agreed to get involved and who could be contacted at short notice to run the test. The results were successful in sound and vision in all instruments – classical guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, electric guitar and flute.

All tests were done from our main PC/tower computer and were received by the pupils who tested it on their mobile phones, tablets, ipads, laptops and main PC’s. The best results were on the ipads, laptops and main PC’s. The noisiest instruments performed best when the pupil used headphones while playing their electric guitar or flutes which reduced any feedback.

A BIG thanks to those who took part:-

Thanks also to Harry and Mollie for a second Skype test as they played the noisiest instruments!

Skype Lessons

  • Congratulations to Connor for being the first pupil to have a Skype lesson! In fact Connor and his Mum Val are so pleased, they now want to remain as Skype pupils!
  • Well done to Millie who was the second person who had a Skype lesson which was arranged last minute and was very successful too! Her family are now planning to alternate her weekly lessons so she has one week via Skype the other week to our house!

A number of pupils now are interested in having their weekly lessons alternating with Skype lessons, so one week to our house and one week via Skype. This seems to work well for them and us.

We hope to keep our pupils and parents updated with information which they may find useful via these newsletters.

Latest News

  • During the holidays we shall be offering lessons on Skype only which can be a help for those pupils and families wanting lessons during this season.
  • All new pupils will now be taught via Skype only.
  • If you have online banking you can pay directly pay as you go for each lesson or regularly by direct debit – this can be stopped by you anytime as need be for example when you are holiday.
  • All email addresses that we have received from our current pupils will be added to our newsletter list. You can unsubscribe at any time.
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See you soon!

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