Welcome to our Third Newsletter!

1st May 2014£5.00 off Vouchers

Hope you all enjoyed the Easter holidays. During the first part of the Easter break we offered three days of Skype lessons. Many of you were away but well done to Georgia who had her first Skype lesson on her mobile phone! She learnt a lot during the lesson and we even played a music game of “guess the tune” after the lesson on our ipods to each other. We both won so it was a draw! Also well done to Ewan who had his first electric guitar lesson on Skype.

This month we are offering Gift Vouchers worth £5.00!!!

How does this work?

Simple and easy is the answer! All you have to do is to be a current pupil of Nick or Kelly either at their house or via Skype lessons. If you have a friend who is interested in music lessons and they would like to learn either six string guitar (all styles), bass guitar, flute or music theory, then let us know and we’ll give you a £5 gift voucher off your next lesson, once your friend has paid and has had their first lesson on Skype. We are taking on all NEW pupils on Skype only.

At the moment we are setting up a new Skype timetable to take on new pupils and to transfer old pupils onto Skype. This will give all pupils a chance to try a new modern way of having their lesson and to reserve their name, time and day into our new timetable. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages for online music tuition. We understand this won’t suit everyone of our current pupils who attend music lessons at our house, but we hope you can adjust to our new format bringing our teaching skills into the 21st century! We will still teach the pupils who attend our house who might find this difficult, especially those with special needs or who will be taking a music exam in 2014.

All lessons prices are the same as you already pay for your lesson at our house, so no extra charges, no driving through traffic and no petrol costs too saving you time and money! It’s simple, quick and easy to book and pay online at least 24 hours before. We can even send you a text reminder a few hours before your Skype lesson is due to start! Remember you pay the same price as you would normally. If interested visit this link:


New Holiday Dates:

Skype lessons are available Bank holiday Monday 5th May 2014.
This can also be a good time if you want to do a FREE Skype test to check your settings. (No lessons at our house on this day).

There will be no lessons during the week of half term Mon 26th May – Fri 30th May 2014. Lessons will return as usual from Monday 2nd June 2014.

Words of Thanks

Below is a link to our website which is open for our pupils to comment in (only positive comments please!) This is for any pupil whether they have a Skype lesson or a lesson at our house. You can comment on the music you’ve enjoyed learning, how well you have learnt a piece of music or even how fun the lesson was! We’re listening to your voice through your comments!



Skype Lessons

A number of pupils now are interested in having their weekly lessons alternating with Skype lessons, so one week to our house and one week via Skype. This seems to work well for them and us.

We hope to keep our pupils and parents updated with information which they may find useful via these newsletters.

Latest News

  • During the holidays we shall be offering lessons on Skype only which can be a help for those pupils and families wanting lessons during this season. These lessons along with our holiday dates will be announced only from these Newsletters so please check your emails.
  • All new pupils will now be taught via Skype only.
  • If you have online banking you can pay directly pay as you go for each lesson or regularly by direct debit, this can be stopped by you anytime as need be for example when you are holiday.
  • All email addresses that we have received from our current pupils will be added to our newsletter list. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Please regularly check our website as it is still in its infancy so in the next few months it will be going through some changes.

Our new website is:



Contact us:

Text: 07932354266
Email: enquiries@privatemusictuition.co.uk

See you soon!

Nick & Kelly.xx