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16th November 2015

Gone are the days when we used to teach from our own house and we would hardly see the parents as life was very busy for everyone rushing here and there.

Now things are calmer with our pupils having music lessons in their own home online.
For us, it’s meant we can chat to the parents near the end of the lesson to give them an update on how their child / grandchild is progressing.

The connection is unbroken using 4G and the lessons can be rearranged to suit each individual if they need to change their time or day, so many happy faces all round! 🙂

    Lessons end Thurs 17th December 2015
    Monday 11th January 2016 
Skype TimetablePMT Guitar Laptop

Our Skype timetable is now available to take on new pupils from around the UK. This will give all pupils the opportunity not to miss their weekly lessons due to bad weather or ill health.
The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages for online music tuition – especially when it comes to avoiding colds, flu or sickness bugs going around.
For those who would like to try our Skype lessons, why not try a skype chat? This is a very useful and a helpful way to let us discuss your requirements and to iron out any teething problems regarding the internet etc. This is also an ideal opportunity to get your FREE Skype account set up and checked, so you can get visual and audio.

Price of Skype Lessons

For our current pupils Skype lesson prices are the same as you already pay,
except all lessons are now online!

  • No extra charges.
  • No driving through traffic.
  • It’s simple, quick and easy to book and pay online – at least 24 hours before please.
  • We can even send you a text reminder a few hours before your Skype lesson is due to start!
  • Remember you pay the same price on Skype as you do now.
  • Our lessons can work out cheaper than travelling to a teacher saving you time and petrol money!
  • If interested visit this link: http://www.privatemusictuition.co.uk/pay/
Words of Thanks

Below is a link to our website which is open for our pupils and their families to make comments. You can comment on how much you have enjoyed a piece of music or even how fun the lesson was! We’re listening to your voice through your comments!

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N & K. xx