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13th February 2015

Thank You!

Our February 2015 Musical Challenge has proved to be quite a project…
It started by picking a simple retro quality song then it evolved into something else!
Thanks to Jeune, Leah, Georgia, William, Ewan and Tom who all took part – we really enjoyed your video clips, and you were a great inspiration to others too!
Read more about it here:

Skype Timetable

  • We now have our new Skype timetable available to take on new pupils and to transfer old pupils onto Skype. This will give all pupils the opportunity not to miss their weekly lessons due to bad weather or ill health.
  • The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages for online music tuition – especially when it comes to avoiding colds, flu or sickness bugs going around!
  • We will still teach the few pupils who attend our house who might find Skype difficult.
  • For those who would like to try our Skype lessons, why not try alternating with your regular lesson? This is a very useful and a helpful way to let you iron out any teething problems regarding the internet etc. This is also an ideal opportunity to get your free Skype account set up and checked, so you can get visual and audio.

Price of Skype Lessons

  • Skype lesson prices are the same as you already pay for your lessons at our house, so no extra charges, no driving through traffic and no petrol costs too, saving you time and money!
  • It’s simple, quick and easy to book and pay online – at least 24 hours before please. We can even send you a text reminder a few hours before your Skype lesson is due to start!
  • Remember you pay the same price on Skype as you do now.
  • It’s simple and easy. If interested visit this link:
  • http://www.privatemusictuition.co.uk/pay/

Easter Holiday Dates:
No lessons at the house Mon 30th March – Thurs 9th April 2015
(Birmingham Easter Holidays).

  • Lessons as normal on Skype during the FIRST week of the Easter holidays which helps those who regularly pay by standing order or direct debit.
  • FREE test Skype calls can be made during this FIRST Easter holiday week too!
  • Remember we’re here to help you get set up and ready for Skype online music lessons!

Summer Exam Dates:
Closing date for Rockschool Exams is Wednesday 1st April 2015
Rockschool Exam dates to be held between 1st May – 31st July 2015.

Closing date for ABRSM Music Theory Exams is Friday 1 May 2015.
Music Theory Exam date is: Saturday 20 June 2015 at 10.00am.

Closing date for ABRSM Jazz Piano Exams is Friday 1 May 2015
Jazz Piano Exam dates to be held between 15 June – 27 June 2015

Please be aware that Rockschool Exams work earlier than the other boards, so you may find that from the time of payment to the exam board, you may have only THREE lessons until the earliest call up for your exam! Therefore, we may not put some pupils in for the summer exam who have not covered all the syllabus requirements.

Words of Thanks

Below is a link to our website which is open for our pupils to make comments (only positive comments please!) This is for any pupil whether they have a Skype lesson or a lesson at our house. You can comment on how much you have enjoyed a piece of music or even how fun the lesson was! We’re listening to your voice through your comments!

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