Learn Flute For Fun

Many children start learning the recorder at school which is a great way to introduce them to practising on a regular basis. Before long they become more experienced at playing solos and duets. Once they become competent it would be a natural progression to advance to another instrument that’s an orchestral instrument such as the flute.

The Recorder V The Flute
The recorder and flute are similar in many ways – many of the note fingerings are the same but the flute is far more superior. It is played sideways by blowing across the top hole, rather than blowing into a recorder. The flute also covers many more notes – three octaves. These notes can produce a low wood like sound, similar to the recorder, and by playing the extreme high notes, a shrill bird like sound is obtained.

The flute overall is slightly harder to play than a recorder as the overall sound relies purely on the sound from the head joint. Then there’s the cost… The flute is more expensive than the recorder! With time, effort and patience, you can achieve a great deal of satisfaction by learning to play the flute.

Learning the flute for fun online with Private Music Tuition is ideal as we can teach you the fun aspects as well as teaching you the serious stuff such as your GCSE’s and A Level’s etc.10

We can cover many songs that you might like to learn. We can also teach you classic pop song riffs originally written for the saxophone or violin! So you too can learn to play along with your favourite artists, such as ‘Runnaway’ by The Corrs or ‘Careless Whisper’ by George Michael plus many more…the choice is yours!

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