Girls Verses Boys – Part 2!

Well our February 2015 Musical Challenge has proved to be quite a challenge!

It started by picking a simple retro quality song then it evolved into something else!

First we found the key of the original clip we chose was in Cm. This posed a problem for some of our rhythm guitarists – it’s all barre chords!!! The solution we had for this was to play it in Am with the capo on fret 3 so all was good… or so we thought….

Second was THREE key modulations (key changes). That was a fun solution…keep playing in Am and move the capo one fret higher each time (a semitone higher). The track is quite fast, so those playing along to the track had to move fast!

Third was the key of Cm for flautest who play the main tune. Cm is related to Eb major so they had to remember to flatten their Bb, Eb and Ab’s with the occasional B natural!!!

Fourth problem was for those flautest who may want to play all the modulations – not as easy as the rhythm guitarists as the flautests can’t play in the same key using a capo! Flautests have to learn ALL the notes of they keys their playing in. So they just learnt one section of the theme in one key.

Fifth was our lead guitar players, many who prefer to read in tab. So we adapted the notes from notation into tableture to make it easier for them to read. Many of our lead guitarists just learnt the intro part only.

The bass part proved good to learn as it just involved doing the same bass line again, one fret higher per each key change.

When it came to learning and putting the video clips up showing the different instruments and music parts being played – well that proved interesting as it was equal!

Well done to Jeune who in the early stages of her flute tuition tried to learn the first part. Thanks to Leah who recorded her part on the spot! Thanks to Georgia who sent in her video clip via Skype. Thanks to William who had only had 8 weeks of lessons who was prepared on the spot to record his bassline. Thanks also to Ewan who recorded the intro lead guitar part and sent us his video clip via Skype. Thanks to Tom who only had one online Skype lesson (after many years being taught at our house) and who recorded two Skype video clips. Also many thanks to the families and pupils who got involved and who gave us permission to use the video clips on our Private Music Tuition Facebook Page.

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