Competition Number 2… Winners Announced!

Congratulations and well done to our two competition prize winners! Both have won the music book prizes that were up for grabs!

Tom won first and chose the book ‘How To Bluff Your Way Through Rock Guitar’. We don’t think he’ll need any help with that as he’s a monster player!

Nigel chose the keyboard book which had rock and roll music from the 1950’s. We shall pop that in the post to you. Thanks to everyone who took part….

Here are the answers!

Private Music Tuition – Competition Number 2
1. Who recorded Hound Dog?

2. How many sharps in the key of G major?

3. Which is the odd one out?

4. Which band recorded Stairway To Heaven?
Led Zeppelin

5. What is the other name for a tremolo arm?
Whammy Bar

6. In which decade did Elvis become famous?

7. How many notes on a standard piano?

8. From which part of the UK do the Stereophonics come from?

9. What colour are the Chilli Peppers?

10. Which small instrument did George Harrison enjoy playing?

Nick’s Bonus question …
Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?
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