Changing Times of Music Formats

Many of us remember as we grew up listening to music on the record player. We had black shiny vinyl records which came in 78’s, 45’s and 12 inch.

When we started teaching music in the 80’s the format had changed. Records were being taken over by the cassette machine. We were now working out pupils songs from C-60 and C-90 cassettes.

Over a period of time these cassette tapes became warped and twisted with the amount of over use, so in came the mini disk. This didn’t prove to be popular as you couldn’t even play them in your car!

Cassette machines and their tapes were eventually being replaced by CD’s. This proved to be very popular and they could be played in modern cars too! They’re quite durable so they have withstood the test of time which is great for the constant use of a music teacher!

Nowadays while CD’s are still being used it is downloaded music which is especially popular with young pupils. Practical and versatile to discreetly fit in your pocket on an iphone, android or ipod. Pupils can get their favourite singles rather than whole albums.

Now with Skype teaching we can work out pupils’ songs from youtube videos on the internet. This is ideal for a pupil who may request a song that has not been on general release but may be from a film soundtrack or their own Christian Church worship group.

Now with over a quarter of a century of teaching it will be interesting to see what music formats become popular and indeed with what success too!

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