Are You Ready? Lessons Start Week Beginning 7th Sept 2015.

Hope you are all enjoying your holidays despite whatever the weather has to through at us!

We’ve been enjoying our summer holidays by touring around in our caravan! We started in Worcester then we’ve moved onto Plymouth before heading onto Devon and back to Worcester!

We’ve updated our online computer so we’re now ready for anyone wanting to check their skype settings (which is FREE to download).

Thanks to William who sent us in his online video of him playing the piano at home. He memorized his piece well. That was a lovely surprise for us to see as he did it completely under his own steam, especially as he had never sent in a video before. Well done Will! πŸ™‚

Thanks also to Georgia who has patiently let us check our settings with her as we updated our computer. Georgia is experienced in online music lessons and has been having them for well over a year. She said our online lessons are now clear and ready to go! Thanks Georgia, you’re a star! * πŸ™‚

Our online lessons start week beginning Monday 7th Sept 2015.
Our skype name: privatemusictuition
Text or ring us: 07932354266
Please leave your name, number and message as this avoids cold callers.
We look forward to seeing you then! πŸ™‚

PMT Guitar Laptop

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