An Update On Our Online Music Lessons

Our pupils have adapted very well to our online tuition using Skype. In fact many of them prefer their lessons this way as they are used to the technology side of things in school and when home. It’s proved very useful in chatting to family or friends who live further afield too!

For us, it’s meant we can chat to the parents near the end of the lesson to give them an update on how their child/grandchild is progressing. Gone are the days when we used to teach from our own house and we would hardly see the parents as life was very busy for everyone rushing here and there.

Now things are calmer with the pupil having the music lesson in their own home.
The connection is unbroken using 4G and the lessons can be rearranged to suit each individual if they need to change their day or time, so many happy faces all round! 🙂

For anyone interested in our music lessons online please contact us

Our skype name: privatemusictuition
Text or ring us: 07932354266
Please leave your name, number and message as this avoids cold callers.
We look forward to seeing you then! :)

PMT Guitar Laptop

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